At Knak, when new customers sign up for a subscription, it’s really important for us to get people their account as quickly as possible. As we grow and volume of new accounts increases, we needed to get more efficient at how we handle this process, and inject automation and workflow wherever possible.

Like many SaaS companies, when new customers are onboarded, we initially needed developers to provision all new accounts. This was okay at the beginning when the volume was manageable, but now that we are provisioning multiple accounts per day, we needed to remove our developers from the mix so they could focus on more high value tasks.

Additionally, our Sales Operations team was having to manually reach out to customers to collect billing information and other information required to setup the account, and it was way more cumbersome that it needed to be.

Lastly, given we are an email company, the initial emails we send to our customers when they activate their accounts could have been much nicer, but it was the classic case of the shoemakers children, and our Sales Ops lead was sending really long text-only emails with a ton of information in them.

So, what we did next was map out all the steps required in the process, and then draw them onto a whiteboard of the best-case scenario.

Given we use Marketo + Salesforce, we wanted to leverage the power of these two systems to make us more efficient. We also use DocuSign, and were able to automate emails to go out once a DocuSign was completed.

This means that our customers will receive instructions on how to get their accounts set up and the information we need from them quickly, no matter when they end up signing. Data will also be captured by forms in Marketo, which means that it will never get lost in someone’s inbox.

Another big piece of this was having the ability for a non-technical person to be able to provision an account in Knak. We spent time in our administrative parts of our product so that people who don’t know how to code could set up a new account with a few clicks. Once the account is set up, our application sends out a beautiful activation email (built with Knak) to let them know all the steps they need to do once they log in for the first time.

Finally, we want to give our new customers a nice warm welcome. And so we also send a welcome package with a bunch of amazing Knak swag to all new customers. This was another area that was being chased down by a person and kept in emails somewhere, and now we are leveraging SFDC + Marketo to capture this data as well.

In my years of Marketo consulting, I’ve realized that your Marketing Automation processes are only as good as your documentation. So, it was also really important for us to document the entire journey for training purposes. We used Lucid Charts and mapped it all out from start to finish.

Finally, we are meeting as a team to run through the new and improved onboarding to experience what our customers will experience. This is perhaps the most important part of the whole exercise, to make sure that the customer experience has been improved from what we had before.

But, we know this is just the beginning. Getting someone into the Knak application. We’ve chosen to invest in this part of the process since we believe first impressions matter, and you only get one shot at them. That is also why we just recently hired a dedicated customer success manager. This person will further help our customers get the most out of Knak once they have logged in for the first time.



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Pierce Ujjainwalla

Pierce Ujjainwalla

Pierce is a career marketer with client-side experience at company's like Cognos & IBM. He founded Revenue Pulse, a Marketo consultancy, and then founded Knak after making hundreds of customized Marketo templates for Revenue Pulse clients.

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